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    I have a HP computer
    the psu is faulty so iam thinking to replace. i just wanted to know whether i shuld buy the original psu or can i put in other ones such as enermax. i mean HP PSU wont be cheap. so i was just wondering if the sizes would be same if i buy a non hp psu. also the current one is 200 WATTS MAX for the new one i get can it be more than that?. would it matter if i get like 350 watts.?.

    HP PSU ->[​IMG]
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    hp doesnt have competibility problems with otehr brands. I would check for hop power supplies on ebay. Finding the right size is very important tho. Follow the part number and prefer an exact replacement.
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    The motherboard uses an ATX formfactor, so any ATX or micro ATX (basically a shorter unit for mATX cases---which are slightly smaller than ATX cases---the plugs are the same).

    Getting a larger wattage PSU isn't a problem. The brand won't matter either. Fortron or Thermaltake have good budget power supplies that are pretty easy on the wallet. There's other good brands (like Enermax), but those are probably the best bets on the cheap. So long as it's an ATX formfactor unit, you won't have a problem.

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