R580 Chip in Four Flavours

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    Although some websites reported that the upcoming R580 chip will come in three different versions, the fact is that R580 chip will replace the R520 line entirely. The new products will be named Radeon X1900XL, X1900XT and X1900XT CrossFire Edition. There is a rumour of another naming convention, with the names X1900XT ("T" instead of an "L"), X1900XTX (The Boss, King, Macho) and X1900XTX CrossFire Edition (albeit a little slower clocked than a big boss).

    Besides this plain vanilla 3D boards, ATI will also rollout the refresh of All-in-Wonder product, which actually - was the reference board ATI is actually using to demonstrate the R580 chip to its valuable customers and partners. We haven't been able to confirm the clockspeeds of the product, but since we learned that new All-in-Wonder demo boards come with 1.26ns GDDR-3 memory, it isn't too hard to figure that possible memory clock for X1900XL(T?) is 1.5 GHz, giving out 48GB/s of bandwidth. That would be clear 16 GB/s wider than current AiW model, based on R520XL chip.

    It looks like ATI wants to give every pixel to get the performance back... so the R520 will rest in peace after only three and half months. October 5th 2005 - January 24th, 2006.

    Article - The Inquirer

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