Raspberry Pi Or Computer Stick Or Conventionally Assembled Desktop?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kushal Ashok, Nov 18, 2015.


Which of these would you choose for your personal use with HD TV?

  1. Raspberry Pi

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  2. Computer Stick

  3. Desktop Computer

  4. ChromeCase or Apple TV

  1. Kushal Ashok

    Kushal Ashok Geek Trainee

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    I am looking for a cheap setup to provide a very basic computer to be used by my parents (Browsing, Using Microsoft Office, Printing, Watching Movies).

    It needs to be connected to an HD TV and wireless mouse and keyboard. Though I am inclined towards Computer sticks, I am also trying to figure out if setting up a raspberry pi is possible.

    iBall computer stick (Rs 8500): http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B011U0S6KO?psc=1&redire...
    Raspberry (Rs 3900): http://www.amazon.in/Raspberry-Pi-Model-Starter-Officia...

    P.S.: The last resort will be getting a conventionally assembled desktop computer.
  2. Wicked Mystic

    Wicked Mystic Big Geek

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    I recommend last resort. Raspberry Pi is too slow for browsing IMO. Same goes for compute sticks.
  3. Big B

    Big B HWF Godfather

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    What sort of budget are you looking at? I mean, something like what Intel has going with the NUC mini PC would fit the bill. As far as remote operation, Logitech's K400 is pretty cheap ($40 USD or less). All you'd need is a 2.5" hard drive with minimal fuss on finding products. As a suggestion. Otherwise, you can find ITX motherboards with HDMI and embedded CPU for under $100, leaving RAM, case, power supply and a hard drive as necessities.

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