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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by stefan1988, Aug 6, 2007.

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    this is a thread i started in but not many people seem to help me out finding a recording system so i posted here since you guys know a little more about hardware and software

    basically i want to buy a recording system but the problems are choosing one that doesnt give me latency so there's 3 interfaces to choose from usb,firewire and pci by buying a new sound card

    usb i doubt it is too slow i believe
    firewire im not sure how fast is it and if i choose firewire i need to buy firewire pci card or something like that
    and if pci then waht soundcard should i get?

    basically just read the post:p

    any help is appreciated

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    Don't know much about this other than that the Steinberg product is supposed to be good in it's class - in which case wouldn't it be a good starting point to use the requirements for that and build beyond those minimums? Maybe even find some forums based around other users of the software - some of whom may have already done what you want to do?
    In straight technical terms fire wire is likely to be the best of the group you mentioned.

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