Restarts twice before boot

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by mactabilis1, Jul 5, 2008.

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    Well i joined up here this looks a great forum and maybe you guys can give me a answer to what is realy confuseing me.

    I just got a new geforce 9800GTX after some problems with the old card.
    But now i have a new problem i don't no if it will be a serious matter.

    I will run down my specs:
    Foxconn x38A mobo
    Q6600 go stepping cpu
    ddr3 ocz 1333mhz 2gb
    4xsata spinpoints
    9800GTX KO EVGA :)
    jeanTech 700watt storm psu

    Now these are the things i have checked

    Mobo touching case: No :)
    Power leads in correct: YES :)
    Hardware mounted correct: YES :)
    Latest bios flashed: YES :)

    Now to the problem that goes with the title "double boot"

    It did this 1 time with my old 9800 aswell ,when i turn the pc on it starts up for 5secs turns off then starts up for a further 5secs then turns off then it starts up fully and works fine,Sometimes it will do this 3 times.
    I can reboot and it will power up but if i turn off it will repeat the process .
    I have had a look around other forums and there has been talk of this double boot when you turn on the pc and said to be normal with some motherboards ,what i can not understand is why this is doing it now i have my 9800gtx my 8800gts was fine but ever since i have used the card that takes both pcie power cables this happens.
    My psu must be large enough ,or ther must be something to do with hardware not being compatible??

    Thank you :)
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    I'm not sure how JeanTech fares as far as power supplies go as I haven't seen a review that properly tests their products. However, pricing, while on the cheaper end of the scale is still alright.

    Does this happen when you reboot or only from the point when the system is off entirely?

    Does Foxconn have a BIOS update that addresses this?
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    Now the system is running i can reboot as much as i like but when i do a windows shutdown it does the restarts again,It will boot for 5 secs restart then do the same again then 3rd time boot fine and away i go.
    I rolled back to the P01 ami bios i got from foxconn and it done the same as the latest version that is P09 but the P05 done 10 restarts before a successful boot.
    So it could be a messed up bios i cant see anything on foxconn that fixes this ,so i don't no what it is thats why i am here :)

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