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Discussion in 'Tablets, Phones and Music Players' started by ProcalX, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I have a GX10i (Sharp), it bloody brilliant, however.. it has a composer on it for polyphonic ringtones.. i can create / edit / delete them..

    does anyone know on the net where there are listings of the composer melodies or ringtones that you have to enter for songs?

    ie.. a website that keeps an upto date ringtone list of the individual keys needed to be entered for each individual song?

    i know there must be some, otherwise its pointless havin a polyphic composer!

    help! my life needs Eric Prydz!
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    this site is awesome for free logos and tones - polyphonic and mono.

    www.free-ringtones-free-logos.com - you find what you want, go thru the process, and then it'll tell you to go to www.dm1.net on your mobiles WAP. then it'll give you a code to enter, and it d/l's straight to the phone.

    If you have an infra red (which that phone does) or blue tooth, then try

    www.zedge.no - it needs a free registration, but then you can either d/l stuff to your PC and then send it to your phone, or you can post it in a "web box" and get to it via your WAP and d/l it from there.

    good stuff, plus can submit your own.
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