Roots Manuva & Banana Klan

Discussion in 'Concert Hall' started by ProcalX, Dec 2, 2005.

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    2 Nights ago i went and saw Roots Manuva (East London Hip-Hop), you may have heard Man Fi Cool or Witness The Fitness (1 Hope).

    Very goods tunes, he was a real crowd pleaser, fantastic stuff though :)

    Was a brilliant night. Support from Plan B & Banana Klan, Banana Klan rocked, they mentioned just putting up a new website, which sucks ass, so i'm redesigning it for them inreturn for free merchadise. Plan B sucked ass, a wannabe Eminem from london, rapping along to an accoustic guitar about drugs and his mom and sh*t, was crap, everyone booed him off.

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