Samsung SGH-P207

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    Samsung SGH-p207


    Price @ Cingular $299; $79.99 with two-year contract

    Released for Cingular, the Samsung SGH-P207 features high-speed EDGE data trasfer, 262K-color screen, and speech recognition software. Built with advanced speech-to-text capabilities, VoiceMode allows users to speak into the SGH-P207 and have their words converted directly into an SMS (Short Message Service) message. Messages can also be sent using voice commands.


    I bought this phone about 4 months ago. My wife had moved back to florida while i made the transition out of the military. The current phone i had was one of those 'unlocked' jobs you can get from ebay, while the phone was functional it lacked internet capabilities, and multimedia texting.

    So i went to cingular and bought this phone for 300 dollars. I know what your thinking 'HOLY COW!' to much for just an ordinary cell phone. Well i think it was worth it. As soon as my sim card was in my wife sent me beautiful pictures of my 4 month old baby daughter :)

    pros - it is very easy to use. Has a very long battery life. Clear picture taking capabilities and multi media texting. Video. Voice recognition... the list goes on and on. The final thing, its super light, probably the lightest phone ive ever held.

    cons - no speaker phone, upon purchasing the phone i quickly realized that fun little speaker phone device was missing. Also if you play the built in games to long, the phone will over heat and turn off and on again... while this may seem serious, i was playing the games for a long long time. :)

    Overall i love this phone, but i wouldnt buy it out right again. I say get this phone with a contract! But dont shell out 300 bucks for it.

    I give this phone 4 out of 5 stars. Deduction for missing speaker phone.

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