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    I bought a used PC (components 3-4 years old).

    Basically, yesterday it worked great, I tested Mass Effect 2.

    Today, I started having random screen issues. It would just turn black but monitor still had signal (green light). On few turns, monitor would loose signal. This is all while being logged in to Windows.

    It had Windows 10 freshly installed (few days ago according to seller). So I concluded it might be the Win10 case, its known to give black screen, along with Win 8.1 also. there wasn't any updating done on Windows during these 2 days, except I updated HD Radeon 7850 driver to the latest one AFTER I got couple of black screens. then it just got worse, it wouldn't even want to boot Windows.

    And most importantly, I tried installing Windows 8 now, and after first restart during installation, when it should've proceed, again - black screen (with monitor having green light on), cooling started to work harder.

    Btw in power up screen (before booting OS), there's some small pixels here and there, mostly over the boot drive selection "text".

    I can try Linux install, but it would take more time, I will instead try with Windows 7 next.

    However, does this sound like a graphic card failure/issue?

    Also, I use old cable to connect monitor and card. On monitor side its VGA, on card's side its DVI. I mean, cable has VGA on both sides, but to plug into DVI, "extension" is used.
    According to the seller - the card was on another PC before, and worked fine with Win7 and with same cable setting (DVI -> VGA).

    I really don't know how to troubleshoot this, and where potential error might be. is it graphic card, is the root of hardware problem(I hope not) in chipset passed onto a graphic card? Is it cable? (which worked 100% with much older PC but same monitor).

    Please suggest something... I will test with Win 7 next, but I'm afraid if clean installation of Win 8 caused problem, then its hardware issue..

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