Slumdog Millionair

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    I am not going to give a whole detailed review here...
    Enough to say that although I tend to stay away from movies which generate too much hype, I would whole heartedly recommend this one.
    If you love films and good story telling, do not miss this one.

    It is rough around some of the edges which only adds to a brilliant colourful cinematic experience.

  2. zRoCkIsAdDiCtInG

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    I saw that movie not too long ago, must say its very, very, heavy for the most part and carries the same sad but makes you happy in the end factor that pursuit of happiness did

    Although at some points I found it just downright depressing, I love the very local look they put into India how they displayed the issues going on there to the beauty of the country
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    This movie is one of my favorite. Realistic movie deserves more award.

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