Staged power-up of network components?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by stephenfalken, Mar 12, 2010.


Make it myself, or can I buy it?

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    I want to build or buy a powerstrip for my network components that
    energizes the various 120V plugs in a timed order. This will ensure
    that my network will recover gracefully after a power outage without
    my having to 1)be there to restart everything, or 2)have to manually
    restart everything in the correct order.

    Currently, all the stuff comes back on whenever power is reapplied, but
    nothing has time to be assigned its proper place on the network. The
    computers have been set in BIOS to turn on after a power outage, no
    big deal - until it comes to actual connectivity. This network is too
    complex for it to function correctly without some control.

    For example, I want my modem to come on immediately upon restoration
    of power, wait 60 seconds (to receive a DHCP IP address from my ISP),
    then power on another plug for my wired router (which allocates internal
    DHCP and DMZ server), then wait another 60 seconds to power on the
    plug for a wireless router and a VOIP router, then wait another 60 seconds,
    and then finally power up the machines and phone that are connected to
    the aforementioned routers.

    I can build this from scratch using electrical relays if nothing is already on
    the market, but I thought I'd check here first for any advice.


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