Strange Problems...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by CalExplorer, Feb 11, 2003.

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    Strange Problems

    I have been trying for several days now to update one of my systems to a newer more powerful one. In both cases I was having similar problems as to those that began this thread.

    The first motherboard was an FIC 1st Mainboard K7 ATI AT31 Fusion and I was using 256 DDR and a 1800 AMDxp, it had the ATI Video built in on the board. Case and Powersuppy were both genuine ANTEC 300 Watt PS. With this system initally I could get no power at all then after installing and reinstalling it powered up but would give me no Video signal. Nothing to the monitor so I could not even adjust the bios or setup.

    I returned the above to Frys and got a second Motherboard of different Albatron KX400+ Pro 8235 Via KT333 and a new AMD Duron 1300 1.3 Ghz CPU. Placed these in a second new ANTEC SLK2600AMB Super Mini Tower Case with ANTEC 300 watt PS. At first it wouldn't power up either. Then it slowly started coming to life.

    Sometimes it would cycle on and off. Power to the drives Floppy, HD, CD and DVD works until you connect the ribbon cables. Then they don't work at all. Video signal never does appear. No beep codes or tones.

    My suspiciion is that either 300 watts isn't powerful enough or the 256 of DDR memory is somehow faulty.

    But I now have tried this with two different motherboards from different manufacturers and the only common denominators is the same Ram DDR memory and the similar yet different Powersupplys from ANTEC. In both systems I an unable to get any video signal. In one the video was built onto the Motherboard and in the other I was using an Aurora nVidia GeForce 2 MX200 AGP slot card.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am trying to update this system which is running Windows ME without going to XP at the moment. I need to use the same Hard Drive which already has all my data and programs installed.
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    Try the suggestions I posted in the other thread you replied to.

    Also, it's inadvisable to switch motherboards out from under any OS. They tend to bark at you and give trouble. Best thing to do is back up your data, switch hardware, format the drive and then install Windows.

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