Strangle Visual Glitch On New Pc

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kieran Waugh, May 28, 2017.

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    Hello, I built my first PC 2 days ago but it is having a weird glitch at random points during the day. A strange pattern / solid colour will appear and the system will reboot. I first thought it was a GPU problem but the last time this happened by bios couldn't find my boot SSD. The problem doesn't occur when the system is under load but more frequently when idle / downloading a game, could anyone help me with this problem? Thanks.
    Image -

    AMD Ryzen 1400,
    GTX 1060 6gb ,
    ASUS A320M-K,
    500gb samsung 850 evo SSD,
    corsair VS450 PSU
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    PSU is not very high quality and also broken SSD can cause strange things on Windows 10. It may also be display, display cable or BIOS problem.

    I would try updating BIOS first.

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