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Discussion in 'News and Article Comments' started by megamaced, Jun 8, 2006.

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    Ever wonder what map might be hanging inside Fortress Gates, the super-secret center from which Lord Gates and his evil minion, Steve "the Undertaker" Ballmer, run the Evil Empire?

    Well, no I haven't either, but that hasn't stopped Steven Hilton, a self-confessed Linux-loving libertarian atheist in Raleigh, NC, from creating his own wonderful map of the "software wars" as he sees them.

    Story continued at Linux-Watch

    You can see the picture here, I think it's pretty good!
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    Wow, that's pretty cool. Too bad part of the FUD attacks is convincing people that the little "vulnerability tornados" are a problem in the enemy's camp also.
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    They can be if someone doesn't know what they're doing, so, theoretically, sure. However, if you take an admin with equal security skill levels, Linux will be more secure, simply based on the design of Linux. Limited user accounts by default: Don't know the 'su' password? You're gonna be SOL.

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