Touch screen panel + USB controller - send generic (x,y) data to PC

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    I'm wondering how impossible it can be to connect a touch panel (with USB controller) to a PC for it to send X,Y coordinates when an event happens (the panel is touched).

    After searching the web for an entire day I couldn't find more then pieces of information that don't tell the whole story.
    Most of what I understood so for is that I can buy some touch panel development kit (ebay), create some basic C code that acts like a driver and then use those C functions to handle input on the device in other applications.

    Question is, is the touch panel + USB controller + C code enough in order to use the input on the touch panel in other application that I'll build myself (in C++ or other languages)? And what exactly would be the C code?
    (I don't want to use the touch panel as a mouse, but independent. It only should provide coords when a touch event happend thru a function call - which would probably be part of the C code mentioned earlier)

    An answer like "Buy this [touch panel] and [microcontroller], write this C code [ code ], compile it with g++, run the build and use the [getCoord()] function whenever the [touchHappened()] function returns true" would be too nice to be true?

    A multi touch panel would be better (if not too expensive).
    Also, all this on Linux.

    Thank you.

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