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    I've compiled a list of great training resources which should help you pass a number of IT qualifications. All links are free of charge but some may require registration.

    Documentation / Study Guides

    Study guides for Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco qualifications

    ExamForce (registration required)
    PDF study guides for MCSE and CompTIA A+, N+

    FreakNotes (registration required)
    Study guides focusing mainly on networking

    Microsoft eLearning
    Microsoft's training material for their examinations

    CramSession (registration required)
    A large collection of study guides, brought to you in pdf format

    Training Videos

    PrepLogic (registration required)
    Various IT videos covering networking, security, hardware and office productivity

    TrainSignal (registration required)
    Windows server, Cisco and Networking videos

    CBT Nuggets (registration required)
    Tons of free videos, including programming, Linux and Windows

    Practice Exams

    MC MCSE (registration required)
    Online practice examination for a variety of qualifications such as CompTIA's A+, N+, Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA...

    TechExams (registration required)
    Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA examinations available free of charge

    CertTalk (registration required)
    Various study kits and pratice exams

    Wide range of free practice tests available

    Best Tests (registration required)
    Practice exams for the usual suspects

    Huge set of practice exams for various IT qualifications
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    Free A+, N+, MCSE & Cisco Practice Exams

    That's good to know. I'd rather have the practice tests harder and know the stuff well than just barely pass.
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    Free A+, N+, MCSE & Cisco Practice Exams

    That is very, very good to know.
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    Free A+, N+, MCSE & Cisco Practice Exams

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    I guess they're getting lots of traffic.
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    Free A+, N+, MCSE & Cisco Practice Exams

    Better than ebay!.... ooh Theres a thought! :)
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    If anyone knows of any good study resources please let me know.
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    Great. Awesome resources. This can be used for my reviews. Right now I am taking Microsoft word 2010 training online and other computer training courses and as part of my reviews, I am going to use these resources here. Awesome..
  8. For online training on :
    word training
    business communication course
    outlook training
    php training
    indesign training
    illustrator training
    prezi training
    or much more. You can get it from I had a great learning experience here. Although, there are so many resources online but my experience would prefer to go for training connection. Worth your time and investment.

    Michael Lipsy

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