Tutorial: Remove the backup of a file from Time Machine

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    Sometimes you might want to remove a file that you really won't need again. So removing all backups of that file from Time machine could save some space on the backup disk or Time Capsule. This can be done very easily.

    1. Open the folder where the files are / where located.

    2. Activate Time Machine. If you've already removed the file from the computer, go back to a point when the file was still there.

    3. Select the file(s) or folder(s), and click on the Gear icon. Then choose Delete all backups of ......

    4. You'll see the message Are you sure you want to remove all backups of the selected items. Answer OK to confirm.

    5. If asked for your password, enter it at the next screen.

    6. Now click on Cancel to leave Time Machine. If you haven't removed the file(s) from your computer yet, you can now proceed to do so.

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