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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by Karanislove, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Hello everybody,

    its been long time i never been on this website again.. Its just the nature of my work that i dont get much time for myself... I have got a courier contract now and bought a van. Good investment but good money back as well...

    I have recently baught a new ADSL wireless router and its really fantastic thing. I have made my own LAN on it and share the internet between my desktop PC and a laptop pc.
    I have couple of sharing folders between these two computers but the problem is I have to physically switch on the another computer if i want to use it. I know there is a solution to this problem because long time ago i read a thread on HWF on Wake on LAN software, i have searched on the net and come across few softwares and I am not sure which one is good. Some of them only support wake up not shutdown... Is there any who knows a better Wake on LAN software?? THanks

    I hope all my friends are fine here....Mr Dave howz the boat??
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    hiya Karan[ot]stranger[/ot]anyway, why not just enable "Wake up on LAN" in the BIOS ?
    very slowly, after all these months i've finally got a workshop up & running, i figured i'd start it & when the hull is finished we can add anything we want

    BTW: i had to make a start cos i wasn't getting any input from anywhere

    there's it so far: (pic taken about 10 - 15 mins ago)

    Edit: is it a wireless N or wireless G router ?[ot]BTW[/ot]

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