Water cooling in a car!

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by chowda633, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Im thinking about putting water cooling into the car system anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?

    Heres the deal: Im going to pipe the tubeing around the inside of the car above the windows the actual PC will be inside where the spare wheel sits. How many pumps or what kind will I need to make this happen? Also what do you recommend to keep it from leaking? It will mostly be a visual affect but also an effecency thing.

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    I would not recommend this AT ALL!!!! Water is kinda hard to do as it is, in a car! If it moves the car could slowly bump and the hoses could come undone screwing you every witch way imaginable. but if that's what you want, sure thing.

    You'll probably need two pumps if you want it going up and over the windows. One right after the pc pumping the water out and one pumping it back into the pc, and maybe one in between. All depends the power of the pump and the size of tubes.

    Your going to need something to dessipate the heat from the liquid as well, like a radiator.

    Are you looking to get a kit, or make it yourself, and if so whats your price range?
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    Before you install the H2O setup, test it outside of the system first.

    Here are my concerns with an H2O setup in a car:
    -the resivoir not being sealed, or coming unsealed due to jarring
    -any leaking might affect other electronics in the car
    -I've seen watercooling and I've seen CarPCs, but not in the same boat.

    What you might want to do is check around the 'net and look at people who've watercooled their SFF boxes and take notes from there.
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    Is the water cooling mainly for looks? If it is then I wouldn't bother with water cooling. As the moment of the car will change quickly so will the water, not sure what will happen but seems too risky. Personally I think a few LED lit or cathode tubes look just as or better than water pipes.

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