Water Damaged Laptop and broken switch?

Discussion in 'Mobile Technology' started by DanielGent, Oct 23, 2009.

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    A friend of mine spilt a pint of water over his girlfriend's laptop. I took it to pieces and left it on his floor (on cardboard) for about a week drying out. Put it back together, it turned on and everything worked fine. Then in typical sods law as soon as I got home he gave me a call saying it wouldn't turn on. I took another look at it yesterday, taking the power button thing off (the plastic bit above the keyboard) and checking the cables were attached properly. It turned on the first time, then didn't turn on again.

    Its a HP Pavillion DV6000 (I hate HP laptops anyway, not least for the fact that they have the famous Nvidia GPU fault but also because they're so fiddly!), and the power button connects to the motherboard with the fiddliest tiniest ribbon cable ever seen. Is it likely that this ribbon cable could have been damaged by me plugging it in and out? I was thinking that what could have happened is, as the water was spilt on the laptop while it was open (and broke several keys on the keyboard) maybe it got into the power switch and broke that. Its a component made by Hannstar I think is easily replaceable. Is there anyway on a laptop I can make it boot? Like by shorting two pins as you can do on a PC?

    Thanks for your help,
    Dan Gent

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