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Discussion in 'TV, Movies, Anime and Manga' started by blade, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Looking for a Web site dedicated to having all the old cartoon shows, full episodes, good quality, anyone know of one; except for youtube, google video
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    if this message is lame in your opinion then im sory, but have you tried searching torrents:

    also try googling for "dvd rentals" and have a look around, on some you get a few months free membership, so cancel before the trial ends and you get em free

    good luck

    Links removed. Not for the first time either. - megamaced
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    I am with you here... I like nothing more than a good ol' Popeye oldy.
    The really old ones which I used to watch in black and white.
    I actualy have a VHS tape of old Popeye cartoons which were baught fo my littln. I love this tape!!!! :doh:

    But I doubt you will find streamed, full length videos.
    I am pretty sure there would be some copy-rights issues.

    Good job mega, rules not read ...... again!

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