What Software To Test Video Card Ability To Display Smooth Shadow ?

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    Nvidia GTX970 yet seems unable to display a graduated soft shadow, ranging from zig zag edges where shadow has a shortish 'soft edge demarcation' to ripples/ contouring where shadow is more of a slight darkening of a large surface. In a flight sim.

    Also in CAD I had basket'weave effect shadow where it should have been a uniform grey.

    Furmark tests for fps etc and gives numbers, I need to see a variety of shadow tests performed and ratings, it may be that the human eye does the rating. I can then ask another GTX970 to test same and see if mine is faulty.

    This is chapter 1 verse 1 fundamental stuff to how good a video card is in sims, crap shadows no use to anyone. This card should be mega stupendous according to reviews.

    I have tried altering a few settings in Nvidia Control Panel but based on others suggestions on generally improving sim, not any shadow issue.

    Any settings suggestions also welcome.


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