Where Can I Find The Yahoo Account Security Page?

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    To active or for Account Key work, firstly, you will need to login to the Yahoo app on your mobile. Now, head to the Yahoo Security page. And move to the Yahoo Sign-in page. That is where is the yahoo account security page. After that, you have to enter your Yahoo ID and hit on the “Next”. Follow with a pop-up that is provided by the Yahoo on Account key enabled gadget or device. Moreover, you have to open the app on your device and then, tap on the “Account Key” icon. Now, just press the “Approve” icon, and here, you will be asked for a verification code and you have to then, enter it for the confirmation. Now, you can disable the Account key and manage the security page and it allows you to go back to a password if you want to. You might have some essential changes to make to your yahoo mail account security page but might not be able to do the same as you might not be aware of the process to do the same.
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