Will motherboard accept duo core?

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by luis angel, Mar 17, 2013.

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    My PC sucks for graphic hungry games. I want to up grade
    From Intel atom 230 to an Intel duo core. But how would i
    know if it'll be compatible? I would like to know how to check
    that out before i buy a cpu off the net or at a hardware store.
    How would i know if new graphics cards will be compatible
    as well??
  2. Ghostman 1

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    First of all, Is this a laptop or desktop? You first must lookup your Motherboards specks, then look to see what cpu's are you able to use..If this is a laptop then good luck on the cpu and video card...you are talking some cash...
  3. Big B

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    I believe Atom processors are BGA, which typically mean they're soldered to the motherboard.

    So, to answer the question: nope.

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