Windows 8 Store on the web?

Discussion in 'Windows OS's' started by edijs, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I use a local account on my stationary computer, because I want to, but for some reason the Windows Store is almost empty. I've seen that people have a similar problem and it's connected with some microsoft account bug, which puts the account in a weird state where the Microsoft Store shows up almost empty, like I said. Anyway, is there a way to view the store from the web? Some applications have download links where they open a detailed view of the app and then if you want to get that app, it will open the Windows Store app (like Skype: ). That page has no other controls and that leads me to think that Microsoft wants everybody to use the build-in Microsoft Store of Windows 8 and not browse the apps on the web. Maybe I've just simply passed by the Microsoft Store online?

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