WMF Vulnerability or Backdoor?

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    Microsoft's Back Door To Your PC?

    [​IMG]According to Steve Gibson, security ambasador for the masses and outspoken Windows advocate, the recently patched Windows Metafile vulnerability may be something much more sinister than an unintentional programming error on Microsoft's part:

    "The only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn is that this was a deliberate backdoor put into all of Microsoft's recent editions of Windows. WHY it was put in and WHO knew about it, and WHAT they were expected to use it for ... we'll never know."

    So in Steve's opinion, the WMF "vulnerability" doesn't seem to be a vulnerability at all, but an intentional back door placed in Windows by Microsoft. What he's alleging is that its discovery was incidental, and that had it gone unnoticed by the general public it probably never would have been removed. Are there more back doors? Unless Microsoft releases the source code for Windows, we will have to take their word for it.

    Listen to Steve Gibson and tech radio host Leo Laporte discuss this troubling issue in high or low bandwidth MP3 files. Alternately, a transcript of the show is availale on grc.com.

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