Would A Dram-less 240 Mb/s Ssd Be Faster Than A 100 Mb/s Hdd?

Discussion in 'Storage Devices' started by Tr4405, Jul 6, 2021.

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    Sorry for posting again. I posted this on another thread but got no responses. So basically my ps4 HDD bit the dust.I was thinking about getting a SSD but the ps4 isn’t exactly new. Due to this it locks to SATA II speeds when it comes to storage units. I’m thinking about getting a SSD which has advertised read speeds of about 520 MB/s. I saw a review where someone put it in a MacBook Pro which is SATA II and it got about 240 MB/s. Regardless of the lack of DRAM would it be faster for open world gaming than a 100 MB/s HDD? I know that DRAM-less SSDs get slower when having to read or write things. Open world games usually load things in on the fly like trees, cars, people, signs, buildings and other assets. I’m afraid the lack of DRAM will make it dip below 100 MB/s while it’s in that process.

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