X1900XTX works at 695/1550MHz

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    Our Chinese colleagues have reported that R580 comes in a couple of flavours and our Theo wrote about this before. But this time these guys have a picture of the actual hardware and have some of the clock details. The card looks very much like the previous R520 based chip. It comes at very similar clock speeds, or should I saw at almost identical speeds to X1800XT OC cards that are still missing in action, except Asus that already has them ready.

    We are still not sure about those numbers but our colleagues are reporting that top card named X1800XTX works at 695MHz core and 1550MHz memory. X1900XT will be clocked at 625MHz core and 1450MHz memory, no surprises there. There will be a Crossfire version of the card as well and samples are out there and ATI is hoping for a late January 2006 launch if not even early February.

    The site claims that you need 450W with 30A for a single card while you need a minimum of 550W PSU providing 38A for two cards.

    Whenever it officially announces the cards, it will have them in the stores at the same time, in volumes.

    The original is HKEPC Here and Here is some English translated news for you as well.

    Article - The Inquirer

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