XFX Geforce 6800GT artifacting on bios, etc

Discussion in 'Video Cards, Displays and TV Tuners' started by manic49er, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I have a PC with -
    Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard (with Via chipset)
    Athlon 4000+ processor
    XFX Geforce 6800GT
    1Gb Ram

    The problem I'm having is
    1 - random characters filling Bios screen at boot
    2 - vertical sparkle bars on various bootloading screens
    3 - tiled tiny graduating 16 square pattern in lightt yellow or grey on Win XP Media Center
    4 - Always says found new hardware when enters XP (the video card) but if try to install drivers for (as says has none in Dev Manager), partway thru get a BSOD (page fault I believe) and reboots whole system back to Bios screen

    I've tried reseating card in AGP slot numerous times (it's fan is OK)
    I've reseated it's addon Molex pwr connector (and replaced cable w/spare)
    to no avail.
    I tried Googling cardtype and found tons of problems with artifacting (most in games due to heating but some on boot.
    Sounds like "may" have been an incompatability problem between 6800GT and ASUS MB and/or Via chipset and/or 4Mb paging, ....
    Looks like was a big prob back in 2004 (I won it back then but couldn't get it to run nor upgrade vid due to deaths in family, my heart attack, ....) but I never saw a definitive fix, I tried several Bios changes in those forums but none helped :+(
    A friend loaned me a GeForce2 MX200 (quite a step back) and it loads drivers and grfx displays fine. So MB and socket are OK.
    Does anyone know if a final fix was found? As posts just fade away at ~2005 (assume board was being obsoleted?).
    I need to know as my other PC that I've been using for 6 years just had a boot drive crash ;+( So if I'm gonna have to go thru making 1000's of new shortcuts for my progs, ... maybe I should try to get newer (but NG) system going (Oh, old system has a GeForce FX5200 personal Cinema monstrosity card ;+) but didn't want to tear up old system, hoped to give it to grand-daughter

  2. manic49er

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    Guess no poor man's help here ;+(
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    what power supply do you have? what make and wattage?
  4. manic49er

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    Asus A8V Deluxe Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard
    The system is -
    Athlon 64 4000+ processor
    nVidia xFXGeForce 6800GT videocard
    Ultra X-Connect 500W Modular Power Supply
    Ultra XL 1024 Mb PC3200 DDR 400Mhz (2 x 512 Mb) Ram
    Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 400Gb Serial ATA HD
    Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005

    regards, manic49er

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