Dating Disasters.

Discussion in 'The War Zone' started by yorkkev28, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Last saturday i went on my first date for a number of months. As far as dates go it was one of the worst i have experienced.
    Background information: I don't normally drink alcohol, the date was in another town so i was driving.
    We met in the city centre, she suggested going to a bar round the corner. I thought my lottery numbers had come up. She was very pretty and very slim.
    In the first bar she had a bottle of wine, i had 3 cokes.
    She was chatty, to the point where she only talked about herself and overtook most of the conversation, at times i thought i could have gone away for half an hour, then come back and she wouldn't have noticed.
    Onto the next bar where we ended up staying. I had 4 cokes and a john smith's shandy, she had 6 large glasses of wine.
    After her 3rd glass of wine in the second bar i noticed her becoming extremely drunk. She started talking very loudly, and the subject drifted towards sex. Someone talking loudly in a packed pub about their sexual exploits isn't pretty.
    Between glass 3 and glass 6 she regularly fell over the table,chairs,stools whilst visiting the bathroom. and became more and more irritating.
    I'd regrettably offered to give her a lift home earlier in the evening.
    On the walk to the car i felt more like her carer than her date. She couldn't support her own body weight. She insisted that she could walk unaided so i naturally let go. Big mistake!!! She crashed sideways into the road and grazed her arms and hands. Then trying to get back up she fell onto her face, the pretty face turned red with a nice touch of gravel rash.
    Once id got her to the car she then tried to molest me inside it. I dunno what gave her the impression that i wanted her in any way. Pissed off!!! was closer to how i was feeling.
    Then outside her house she seemingly wanted sex. Im guessing this was the case as she preceeded to remove her top and started unbuttoning her jeans.
    I was finally saved by the police of all people. They just wanted to check i hadn't been drinking. I couldn't wait to provide them with a breath test as the date fell out the car and decided to go home.

    That was the worst date ever. Thanks to North Yorkshire Police who saved me the trouble of telling her to F**k off.

    Anyone else have any dating disasters?
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    **priceless, that's another reason why i'm not interested in even starting to date, LOL
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    I'm afraid i've got nothing on you compared to dating disasters but I did laugh my ass off!!!! Thanks for cheering me up :)

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