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    I installed two 80mm Coolmaster fans like this:
        |PSU           |
     <- |O             |
        |              |
        |           HDD|
        |             O| <-
    The O's being the fans. The front fan, under the HDD is blowing air in, and the one under the power supply is blowing air out. When I ran temperature tests, the temperature of my CPU wasn't really that different than normal. (37 C Normal, 50-59 Playing a game)

    I'm not sure if these temperatures are ok, or if I need to do something about it, or if the fans are even necessary.

    (I also made the holes bigger in my case's fan cutouts so more air would go through)

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The CPU fans are meant for 2 purposes
    1) Cooling the inside temperature of CPU.
    2) Giving out heat inside the CPU.

    You have rightly placed your fans for both the purposes. Playing Games normally increase the temperature inside the CPU but If you provide us a with the specifications of your PC in details than we can help you in a better manner.

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