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    Make that PC useful, or make yourself feel better for spending $5k on that new rig.

    This FAQ is incomplete, but so if you need to ask questions do so.

    Team name: Zone365
    Team number: 38417

    You will need this information, especially the team number if you wish to contribute to the Zone365 Folding @ Home team.

    You will need a unique user name. Since your name may be already taken, you might consider doing what I did for mine. I used my name here and added [z365] after it. Spaces can't be used, in case you're wondering.

    Now, here's some links that can help to answer your questions:
    F@H Home
    F@H FAQ
    F@H Download
    F@H Stats Main
    Zone365 F@H Official Folding Page
    Zone 365 Team Stats
    Conquest List
    Running F@H as a service:

    I would snag FireDaemon to help set it up. There are other methods, but they don't really seem to work all that well for me. I've probably missed a command, but even so, this is easier to use. I'm all about easy.
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