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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
AcBtnMgr_X84-X85 AcBtnMgr_X84-X85.exe No U
acc acc.exe No U
ACCDEFRAGINFO [path to worm] No X
Accelerate accelerate.exe No U
AccelerometerSt AccelerometerSt.exe No Y
AccelerometerSysTrayApplet AccelerometerSt.exe No Y
Access Connections ACTray.exe Yes U
Access Control App winsto.exe No X
Access IBM Message Center ibmmessages.exe Yes N
Access Ramp Monitor armon32.exe No N
Access WebControl [path to file] No X
AccessManager AccessMgr.exe No U
AccessMedia P2P Loader amp2pl.exe No X
AccessoriesPlus clockplus.exe No U
AccessRamp Monitor01 ARMon32a.exe No N
AccessRampLAN01 ARUpld32.exe No N
accrdsub accrdsub.exe No Y
AcctMgr AcctMgr.exe Yes U
AccuWeather.comĀ® Desktop AccuWeatherDesktop.exe No N
AccuWeatherDesktopAlerts AccuWeatherDesktopAlerts.exe No N
accwizz.exe accwizz.exe No X
accwizzz.exe accwizzz.exe No X
ACDaemon ACDaemon.exe Yes N
acdllib3 bcdlmem.exe No X
ACDSee ACDSee8Pro.exe No N
Ace bows Ace bows.exe No ?
AceGain LiveUpdate LiveUpdate.exe No N
Acer Assist Launcher launcher.exe No U
Acer eAP Launch Tool EAPLAU~1.EXE No U
Acer Empowering Technology Monitor SysMonitor.exe No ?
Acer ePower Management Acer ePower Management.exe No U
Acer ePower Management ePowerTray.exe No U
Acer ePower Management ePowerTrayLauncher.exe No U
Acer ePresentation HPD ePresentation.exe No U
Acer Launch Tool Alaunch Yes Y
Acer Product Registration ACE1.exe No N
Acer Tour Reminder Reminder.exe No N
Acer WLAN 11g USB Dongle ZDWlan.exe No U
AcerGoto AcerGoto.exe No U
AcerNotebookManager almxptray.exe No U
AcerPowerkey Powerkey.exe No U
Acess2007a access2007a.exe No X
Aceu [random filename] No X
acEventServ acevtsrv.exe No Y
AClntUsr AClntUsr.exe No U
Acme.PCHButton pchbutton.exe No N
ACMonitor_X63 ACMonitor_X63.exe No U
ACMonitor_X63.exe ACMonitor_X63.exe No U
ACMonitor_X73 ACMonitor_X73.exe No U
ACMonitor_X83 ACMonitor_X83.exe No U
ACMonitor_X84-X85 ACMonitor_X84-X85.exe No U
acocash fastdown.exe No X
Acombo3dmouse Acombo3d.exe No U
Aconti aconti.exe No X
acoustic acoustic.exe No U
acpart agpart11.exe No N
Acrobat acrmon32.exe No X
Acrobat Assistant AcroTray.exe No U
Acrobat Assistant 7.0 Acrotray.exe Yes U
Acrobat Assistant 8.0 Acrotray.exe Yes U
Acrobat Read acroup32.exe No X
Acrobat Speed Launch acrobat_sl.exe No N
Acrobat Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe No U
Acrobat_sl Acrobat_sl.exe Yes N
Acronis Popup Blocker RunDll32.exe [path] Blocker.dll, Run No U
Acronis Scheduler Helper schedhlp.exe No U
Acronis Scheduler2 Service schedhlp.exe No U
Acronis True Image TimounterMonitor.exe No U
Acronis True Image Monitor TrueImageMonitor.exe No N
Acronis TrueImage Monitor TrueImageMonitor.exe No N
Acronis*True*Image Monitor TrueImageMonitor.exe No N
AcronisTimounterMonitor TimounterMonitor.exe No U
AcronisTrueImage Monitor TrueImageMonitor.exe No N
Acroread AdobeUpdater.exe No X
Acroread AcroRD32.exe No X
Acroread GoogleUpdate.exe No X
Acrotray Acrotray.exe Yes U
AcroTray - Adobe Acrobat Distiller helper application. Acrotray.exe Yes U
ACS_McciTrayApp McciTrayApp.exe No U
Act! Preloader Act8.exe No U
Action Manager 32 am32.exe No N
ActionAgent actionagent.exe No ?
Activation Activation.exe No N
Activboard MMKeybd.exe No U
ActivClient Agent acsagent.exe No Y
Active Bit Station abs.exe No X
Active CallerID CallerID.exe No U
Active CPU acpu.exe No N
Active Desktop Calendar ADC.EXE No U
Active Email Monitor aem25.exe No U
Active Security asecurity.exe No X
Active shield Activeshield.exe No U
Active Virus Shield avp.exe No Y
ActiveDesktop systray32.exe No X
ActiveEyes ActiveEyes.exe No N
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