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Key What does it mean?
Y This program is safe to run, no problems reported.
N Not required or not recommended - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary.
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary.
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs".
? Unknown.
Program Name Filename Tested Status
ADSL_A2 A2Installed No ?
ADSMTray ADSMTray.exe No Y
adsnwe adsnwe.exe No U
adsnwk adsnwk.exe No U
adsnws adsnws.exe No U
adsnwy adsnwy.exe No U
aDSProcMngr aDSProcMngr.exe Yes U
adstartup automove.exe No X
Adstartup Adstartup.exe No X
AdStatus Service AdStatServ.exe No X
AdSubtract adsub.exe No U
adtech2005 adtech2005.exe No X
adtech2006 adtech2006.exe No X
Adtools Service AdTools.exe No X
ADU adu.exe No ?
AdultX AdultX.exe No X
Adult_Chat Adult_Chat.exe No X
Adult_Chat1 Adult_Chat1.exe No X
AdUpdater sysupudt.exe No X
ADUserMon ADUserMon.exe No U
Advanced DHTML Enable exo32.exe No X
Advanced DHTML Enable [path to trojan] No X
Advanced Internet Protocol cerf.exe No X
Advanced Protection System advpsys.exe No X
Advanced Spyware Remover Asr.exe No X
Advanced Spyware Remover Pro Asr.exe No X
Advanced SystemCare 3 AWC.exe Yes U
Advanced Tool Checks advchks.exe No X
Advanced Tools Check ADVCHK.EXE No N
Advanced Uninstaller PRO Installation Monitor monitor.exe No U
Advanced Virus Remover AVR.exe No X
Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal Awcl.exe Yes U
AdvancedCleaner Free UADC.exe No X
advanceddefender advanceddefender.exe No X
AdvancedPrivacyGuard apg.exe No X
AdvancedPrivacySuite APS.exe No X
AdVantage AdVantage.exe No X
AdVantage Setup AdVantageSetup.exe Yes X
advap32 [path to trojan] No X
Advapi Advapi.exe No X
Advertising Killer Akiller.exe No U
advmon32 advmon32.exe No X
AdvSecTool asectool.exe No X
Adware Agent adware agent.exe No U
Adware Punisher AdwarePunisher.exe No X
Adware Punisher Monitor AdwarePunisher_monitor.exe No X
Adware Spy AdwareSpy.exe No X
AdwareAlert AdwareAlert.Exe No U
AdwareDelete adwaredelete.exe No X
AdwareKiller_schedules schedules.exe No X
AdwareKiller_tray tray.exe No X
AdwareProMFC Ad-Ware Pro.exe No X
AdwareProMFC AntiTrojan Pro.exe No X
AdwareProtector AdwareProtector.exe No X
AdwareRemover2007 AdwareRemover2007.exe No X
AdwareSpy AdwareSpy4.exe No X
Adware_ProNET Adware_Pro.exe No X
Adwarz Spy Remover ADWARZ.EXE No X
AEFltrs Application AESTFltr.exe Yes U
Aeiwlsta.exe Aeiwlsta.exe No ?
AELaunch AELaunch.exe No N
Aero Gmail Aero Gmail.exe Yes U
Aero Gmail AEROGM~1.EXE Yes U
Aero Midnight Clock AEROMI~1.EXE Yes U
Aero Midnight Clock Aero Midnight Clock.exe Yes U
Aero Midnight Clock.exe Aero Midnight Clock.exe Yes U
Aero Midnight RSS Reader Aero Midnight RSS Reader.exe Yes U
Aero Midnight RSS Reader AEROMI~1.EXE Yes U
Aero Midnight RSS Reader.exe Aero Midnight RSS Reader.exe Yes U
Aero Midnight Weather Aero Midnight Weather.exe Yes U
Aero Midnight Weather AEROMI~1.EXE Yes U
Aero Midnight Weather.exe Aero Midnight Weather.exe Yes U
AESTFltr AESTFltr.exe Yes U
AeXAgentLogon AeXAgentActivate.exe No N
AeXSWDUsr AeXSWDUsr.exe No ?
AEZBProc aptezbp.exe No U
AFAFilter windefault.exe No U
afmsmsgs afmsmsgs.exe No X
afskfask8 fsfjasj8.exe No X
AGEIA PhysX SysTray TrayIcon.exe No N
Agent Agent.exe No N
Agent alsys.exe No X
agent ppl.exe No X
Agent Browser [random filename] No X
Agent Explorer [random filename] No X
agent.exe agent.exe No X
Agente Remupd.exe No ?
AgentSpyware AgentSpyware.exe No X
agentsvr agentsvr.exe No X
Agere SoftModem Messaging Applet AGRSMMSG.exe Yes U
AgerePadClock rundll32.exe [path] AgerePadClock.dll No X
AgfaCLnk AgfaCLnk.exe No U
Agnitum Outpost feedback.exe Yes Y
Agnitum Outpost op_mon.exe Yes Y
agp agp32.exe No X
AGPVideo16 agp6xdrv.exe No X
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