‘Intel Inside’ logo is gone

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    Intel is to dump its tagline 'Intel Inside' and run a huge logo launch in early January. Chipzilla has been extremely precious about its 'Intel Inside' tagline and even taking companies to court for using the letter i, which Chipzilla believed it owned as part of its logo.

    See Intel developes brand new logos for chips.

    Now it seems Chipzilla is planning to dump the lot and release a new logo in January 3, as we reported some weeks ago.

    According to the Economic Times you can expect to see a huge advertising campaign to launch the new logo. Apparently the new logo has been seen in internal documents already. 'Intel Inside' has been with us since 1991. The new design is similar, however the word 'inside' has been dropped. The change is part of some other branding ideas that the back room boys and girls in Intel's marketing department have been having.

    Yonah will be called 'Core Solo' for the single core processor, the dual core Pentium M will have the label 'Core Duo'. Future plans for any Dick Van Dyke processor called 'Core Blimey' can be safely discounted.

    More Here.

    Article - The Inquirer
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    What was wrong with the old logo and tag line? 'Intel Inside' just works, it's as simple as that. I can't see any reason to change it. I think the new logo looks pretty crap to be honest, and the new tag line 'leap ahead' is a load of :swear: as well!

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