A Look At Some Lesser Known Video Search Engines

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    Are you in need of some video inspiration? Tired of the same old video search engines you’ve been using all these years? Let’s have a look at a few video search engines that can help you refresh ideas for your upcoming creation. We’ll leave out the usual suspects and take a look at some you probably weren’t even aware of.


    Truveo is a video search engine with multi-lingual support. It supports boolean operators (OR, AND and -) and exact match search (”your search phrase here“). Another fun thing about the platform is that it has cool Twitter integration allowing to see most “Twittered videos.”[​IMG]


    TagBulb is a tag search for images and videos aggregating several popular platforms. Its search results page is no more than a list of video thumbnails:[​IMG]


    VideoSurf aggregates results from popular video sharing sites like Youtube and links them together using combination of facial recognition and text search (based on video description and tags).It also offers handy search suggestion feature. It also lets you refine your results by excluding any search channel, category or content type (e.g. Slide shows, full episodes, web series, clips).[​IMG]


    CastTV is an excellent search engine for TV shows, movies, news, sports, celebrity, and viral online videos. The site is divided into categories and also offers a handy search option.Each search result includes a source link, description and a video thumbnail. Besides, you are able to sort and filter search results in multiple ways: by source, genre, type, etc.[​IMG]


    Tagoo is a search platform that lets you search for all types of media-content: audio clips, music albums, audiobooks, music videos and podcasts. The site contains a huge database of sites to crawl but the overall result quality leaves much to be desired.[​IMG]

    Did I leave any out?

    If there’s a useful multimedia search engine I’ve neglected to mention, don’t fret! Just tell us about it by commenting on this article.


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