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    AMD feels confifent enough in its own code that they have released their own utility for processor overclocking, tuning, and monitoring, dubbed overdrive, pretty sweet, and finally, a reason to have a black edition chip.
    AMD GAME! Drivers and Utilities


    Well the raids upon Intel have begun. Also, finally figured out more specifically what they are after, apparently the EU are looking for evidence that Intel pushed retailers to move Intel products and keep out AMD products. (maybe that was just me, and i missed that, but i'm pretty sure the EU was pretty vague on what they were after, specifically)
    Neowin.net - EU Raids Intel looking for unfair play against rival AMD

    Trouble for UK Internet Users​

    Apparently there are some new Legislative proposals in the works to try and get users who illegally download (input medium here) to be banned from using the internet. Yeah, this honestly doesn't seem like such a bad idea, but i can see everyone and their brother being banned from the internet when they didn't do anything, while all the illegal downloaders are still running around. Also, there is a petition at the bottom of the article.
    Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads - Times Online

    Energy from Your Knee
    There was something like this a couple years ago, maybe four, only it was a pad than went in your shoe, however, this is a knee brace like device, only there's no resistance.
    Neowin.net - Wearable computing becomes self-generating

    Mass Effect​

    There is suppose to be a port of Mass Effect to the PC, won't lie, i didn't even read the article, but that doesn't matter, that is some pretty sweet news there. Even though i imagine you'll NEED DX10 and Vista....
    Mass Effect coming to the PC in May - Neoseeker News Article


    Yes, that means you, Mr. anonymous internet attacker guy, now the first amendment has been extended to you, so now you can attack whomever you like and know one has to ever know who you are, SO GO, and make yourself look like a complete fool. (if that seemed harsh, its because it was, if you have the time to bash some one you don't even know, nor probably know nothing about, and then not have the courage to leave even something like a name... i don't even know)
    DailyTech - First Amendment Now Covers Forum Trolls

    Rubber Tire Telephone​

    This is just really cool, Nokia made a phone from recycled tires, plus its pretty shweet to. Granted, its just a concept at this point, but it would be pretty cool if it made it to production.
    Mousetrap Technology - Times Online - WBLG: Nokia´s rubber tyre telephone

    Mag-Lev Chair​

    Studies say that magnets have good effects on the body, and these are some HUGE magnets. The article doesn't give a weight limit, but THOSE ARE SOME HUGE MAGNETS. On the other side of all that, if you happen to have any thing metal, say a car, transportation might be a little bit of an issue, probably wouldn't be a bad idea to move it with rubber pads. I bet it will do pretty funny thing is it within 70 METERS!!! of anything electronic, but how sweet would it be to own one.
    Mousetrap Technology - Times Online - WBLG: Why just sit when you can hover?


    Now this is pretty cool, its an on-line text editor, but this one is unique. Its like a real like notepad, which in real life is generally whatever you happen to have at the moment, napkin, old bill, tape, ect, and that is the premise behind WordPerhect, as the template are such, as well, you have options for handwriting.
    Mousetrap Technology - Times Online - WBLG: Quite the most splendid thing on the internet today

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