Abit NF7 v2 Motherboard Guide

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    Abit NF7 v2 Motherboard Guide with thanks to Baddass! read it here http://www.zone365.com/content//95/1

    After reading around a lot on the motherboards here it seemed there were 2 good choices for motherboards at the moment which would go well with my new processor (Barton 2500+ mobile), and hopefully give me a decent overclock :) The NF7-S v2 and the DFI LAN party Found some good information online which had a comparison and from what people were saying, the DFI probably had more overclocking potential, but the NF7-S might be a little more stable and suitable for the newbie overclocker. The NF7-S seems a very popular choice at the moment, and so I went for that.

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