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Discussion in 'Printers, Scanners and Digital Cameras' started by Impotence, Nov 20, 2006.

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    Im looking to get a decent printer, and my mum has offered to finance it! :D

    the main points that im looking for is:
    • individual cartages for all colours (photo colours! (6 color, one black)
    • Sensibly Priced cartages (Official or Decent Compatibles)
    • Able to Print onto CD's (can live without... but i would prefer to be able to give out nicely printed Ubuntu cd's instead of my handwriting on them)
    things that would be nice:
    • Network port, means i can put it in the hallway so we can all get our prints! (there's a port on the wall for that reason, but atm its not in use)
    • Able to print from memory cards (and have a little screen)

    This printer will be used by/from Windoze and Ubuntu machines!

    any suggestions?

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    U havent written any price limit also will u consider the speed of printing?

    Or u can say less ink usage per page...

    According to ur requirements, u need a multipurpose some of [link=;jsessionid=FhPX4X8xz3Rg2L1nuzGwZOLmzlSmpxVFJ9ElvbAojBo6bizE2ZbN!-140395581?storeName=storefronts&landing=printers&category=inkjets_office&catLevel=1]These[/link].....
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    Before choosing a printer, I would suggest you launch the Printer wizard in the KDE control centre. It will give you a list of all the supported printers

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