Argh Troubleshooting PC

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nic, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Yeah, that's true. However, sometimes, if there's some residual charge left, the CMOS may not clear. Usually, it's not the case, but doing the "long" clear tends to eliminate this as a problem.
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    If the following components have been eliminated as the cause then it's probably the motherboard.

    CPU (rarely fails in my experience unless its been overclocked or overheating)

    Apart from that, with a barebones system theres not much else that could have failed.
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    Just to let you know guys....after much...much....much more tinkering around with it I used an Ultimate boot CD..

    And it worked, got windows all installed now. :cool:

    Going to be restless at work tomorrow waiting to get home to play with my new toy. :D

    As a side note I also got my linuxbox built. :)

    Thanks for the help guys, hope you get you're problem sorted Nic.

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