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    As I only just found out about this, I thought I would share.
    I really do not know too much about it so you are probably better off to check it out for yourselves... if you are interested.... ;)

    A good friend just published his EP on this site.
    It is a site where artists can create their own space and allow the public to get to know their music and then download the music. I think in some cases it costs to download. Probably depends on the artist's wish.

    My friend is giving it away for free....

    If you want to listen to my Friends album here is the link -
    Fat Elvis E.P | Asaf Sarig
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    i know it, old thread, but, i found bandcamp not so long ago. awesome website/service.
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    WE have been using Lion & Lion enterprises for years and were very happy...especially the specialist and sales group are very nice. Well done A+ review..

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