Computer automatically shutdown problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ovais mughal, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I have faced a critical problem regarding my computer,it's automatically shutdown after some time and does not reboot again.I have formate the whole drive and install new os but does not suceed.Kindly guide me what are the possible issues for this problem to sort out.
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    what do you mean does not reboot again? do you mean it doesn't come back on?
    when you try to turn it back on does it attempt to turn on and then just turns back off? or nothing at all?
    we need more details...
    is it a laptop or desktop?
    what brand/model pc or if its a custom desktop what motherboard?
    how exactly does it respond in detail?
    my guess is if its a laptop its overheating and refuses to work after a while.
    if desktop the same with overheating and maybe even the power supply is overheating.
    if you have a desktop check the components inside and feel if anything is HOT to the touch.
    feel the power supply to see if it gets really hot.
    provide more details...

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