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    I have 2 laptops about the same age and same model, they both have had BSOD and crashes randomly, one of them will show a blue screen with some weird diagonal lines. I have checked the minidump files and found that it was a driver causing the issue. I updated the driver and started having the issue again. I have reimaged both and they are still doing it.

    I ran memory tests and hard drive tests and found neither had an error. One of the PC's started loading really slow and wouldnt even boot at one point till I removed the drive, booted the computer, then put it back in. I replaced the hard drive in one of them thinking that might be the cause but that was not it either.

    A lot of what is going on leads me to believe it might be the motherboard but have no real way of testing it. If someone could give me some help that would be great.
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    Can you check what sort of temps the CPU is getting?
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    What do they do in safe mode, Or how do the run in Bio's ? This could be number of things, Could also be a Virus..

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