DivX Browser Plug-In - Beta 2

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    The DivX Browser Plug-In lets you embed high quality DivX video in your web pages without using special streaming servers or installing any server-side software. Video plays live inside the browser or full-screen, and now HD video is also supported!

    Changes since Beta 1 include support for the Opera browser, a fix for playback in Firefox under non-admin accounts, new seek and volume controls in the mini UI mode, and an RGB renderer so you no longer have to close other media players before launching the plug-in.

    We have also built a form that automatically creates the script you need to use the plug-in on your own website - just fill it in and copy the code!
    HD sample page now online ;)

    Currently this beta runs only on Windows, but all of the following browsers are now supported:

    • Internet Explorer (5.0 and above)
    • Firefox (1.0 and above)
    • Mozilla (1.7 and above)
    • Netscape (8.0 and above)
    • Opera (8.0 and above)
    • MacOS X and Linux versions are also just around the corner...

    Get it from DivX Labs.

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