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    I need a quadro card to render video, but they are too expensive. Because the hardware of the quadro and the GeForce are exactly alike there used to be a way to trick the computer into thinking the geforce was a quadro and getting better performance. Is it possible to do this with any of the newer GeForce cards?
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    all of the cuda capable geforce cards i have bought lately come with software on the driver disk to enable it for general purpose use. some software like adobe premier pro require you to enable cuda within the program. to do this you first use the GPUsniffer . exe located in the programs instalation folder to get the correct name of your graphics card, then add the name exactly as GPUsniffer list it into the file cuda_supported_cards.txt which is also located in the programs instalation folder. there is a list of geforce models that support cuda here this wiki has not been updated the GTX 580 and GTX 590 should be on the supported list.

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