Golden Text and Animated Shine - Part 2

Discussion in 'Graphics Design' started by Matt555, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Part 2

    Part 1 can be found here.

    Right so this is kind of a part 2 to my tutorial on making gold text.

    With your document open create a new layer named 'Shine'.

    Set your foreground colour to white and choose the gradient tool with the Foreground - Transparent Setting.

    Now drag a gradient across the new layer like so:
    (You'll see the background is grey - thats just to show the gradient better)


    Now make a selection like so:


    And delete the selection. Now add a Gaussian Blur to the layer (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) with a radius of about 10 pixels.


    Now hold CTRL and Press T (free transform) and whilst holding CTRL click the top middle handle and drag it to the right a bit, this will give the 'shine' a bit of a slant.


    Now in the Layers palette click the 'Layer Mask' icon at the bottom of the box. (It looks like a dark square with a white circle in the middle of it)

    With the layer mask selected (click the layer mask in the layers palette - NOT the layer itself, just the layer mask) hold CTRL and click on the text layer. Now hold CTRL SHIFT and I to invert the selection. Make sure black is your foreground colour and with the paint bucket tool fill the area in the layer mask (the part 'outside' of the text) with black.

    This will hide anything on the shine layer that's outside the text area. Now to make sure the layer mask doesn't move when we animate the shine - click on the little 'chain' icon between the layer image and the layer mask - this will allow the layer to move but the layer mask itself will stay in the same place.


    That's what you should have now.

    Hold CTRL SHIFT and press M to open your image in Imageready.

    Now with the shine layer selected (do click the shine layer NOT the layer mask on that layer) move it to the left of the text so it's not visible.

    Now duplicate the frame (click the little button that looks like a folded bit of paper in the animation palette) and move the shine to the right of the text - hold shift while dragging to ensure the layer mores in a straight line.

    Now press the motion tween icon (the one with the little circles) and choose how many frames you want for the movement - more means the shine will be slower. I'm using 10 just as an example.

    So below is the final image, and because we used a Layer Mask it means you can use the shine on any background because it only affects the text!!

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    This ia a great Tutorial :good:, keep em comming :D

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