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Discussion in 'Graphics Design' started by Waffle, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Below are some great links to sites with photoshop (mainly) downloads. Make sure you check out the brushes - grunge brushes can improve any piece of work out there. Also there are my favourite blood brushes, which I probably over use... :D

    Please note that I haven't linked directly to the downloads, just to the page!

    Also all the credit for the brushes goes to the developers. - also contains external links - the artwork here is exceptional
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    I agree...the artwork at deviantart is excellent...I should check out a few more sites to see whats up :good: My stuff is what they used to refer to as commercial art...but even that has changed dramatically with the use of computer techniques...if you come across any more sites I'll definitely check them out :good:

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