Happy Valentines Day!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Karanislove, Feb 13, 2007.

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    me too, well nearly
    i can't figure them out either
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    never try to understand a woman, or even a man.... your not going to manage it! you can (sometimes) predict them, or guess as to how they came to a decision but your never really going to understand someone completely... you just learn what to expect!

    I'm back!!!!

    Its all been chaos though... My Girlfriend was up for the week and we stayed together in a flat for the whole time, it was lovely to see her but she was quite ill... she kept on passing out (i had to catch her a few times, i tried to get her to stay in bed / on sofa for the most part), having bad asthma attacks (went through all 3 of her inhalers a few times) and i even had to restrain her a few times when she fitted (which i feel kinda bad about, but it was in both of our best interests).

    what sucks is she wouldn't let me call an ambulance, or take her to hospital all week... she insisted on going when she got back :( women can be so stubborn!

    what REALLY sucks was she collapsed at Edinburgh Waverly (train station) and hit her head off a pillar, and then got taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by ambulance and i was an hours train journey away! so i did the obvious, dropped everything (incl college+work) and ran out to edinburgh to be with her).

    Hope everyone had a fun and eventful week while i was out! lol

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