Help Please With Photo Uploading?????

Discussion in 'Printers, Scanners and Digital Cameras' started by MAX1, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Hi All

    I have a photo that was e-mailed to me that I would like to make smaller and use it on my Facebook page. I have tried to upload it with Photobucket but can't do it, I know it has to be jpeg but I don't know how to upload, it's so frustrating as I am not very good with the pc, Im trying though!!!!!! could anyone tell me how I can go about this?

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    decide on the online image host to use (photobucket is fine, but, they are not the only image host on the net)

    login to photobucket
    locate the image to host (on your system) by pressing the browse button
    click "upload" to upload your image(s)
    copy the img code & paste into HWF of wherever
    finally only include text between & including the [​IMG]

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