I got some sorta tech job too.

Discussion in 'IT Careers and Certification' started by wompshmack, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I got a job about 2 months ago working for this small computer repair shop. It's not a great job, but considering I have no certifications at all I'm glad to have landed anything in the tech world. The place I work at has a history of it's employees being "poached" by the local university, or the city government, so hopefully this leads to an even better job. Either way, I now fix computers for a living, I'm happy. Allthough now that I talk to "IT professionals" all the time, I realize that most of them arent very good. Anyway, thanks for all your help over the years everyone, you've helped me become the techie that I am.
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    good luck with the job :)

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